Our Story

The Space Gypsy Origins

The Universe brought Steven and Melissa together through light and love. With this gift, they found their destiny to bring love, hope and understanding to the world, together. Deeply rooted in spirituality and the healing arts, their desire is to share these gifts with everyone. In this time where many feel disconnected and in pain, Steven and Melissa seek to reunite their clients with their true selves, unlocking their dreams and ultimate potential.

Utilizing the power of Reiki Steven taps into his client’s energy to start their healing process from within and germinate the seeds of emotional well being. Through the Tarot, Steven and Melissa offer guidance to navigate life and all we encounter so that we can be our best selves.

Steven (The Space Gypsy)

Steven is a level III Reiki master and a tarot reader, practicing for twenty years. He is an empath and an intuitive.

Melissa (Vera Gemini)

Melissa has been reading tarot for a short time. Her intuitive gifts have shown her natural skill and ability in the art of divination. She is a student of Reiki on the path to becoming a master.

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