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Weekly blog 6/24/2018 The Benefits of Meditation

If you search the internet, you will find lots of information on this subject. So I am just going to share how meditation has worked in my life. It definitely reduces my stress level. I have four children and as you can imagine finding a quiet time to do this is sometimes impossible. But when I do find the time, I feel considerably less stressed. It calms my mind so I can think more clearly in my day to day life. Mediation makes me happy. It has made me attuned to my emotions and more self aware. For example, I can meditate on a situation that happened earlier in the day and put into perspective how I could have handled it better. Was I too short with someone, or did I handle it the best I could? This I feel makes me a better person. Meditation also has claims of cardiovascular and immune benefits. I can attest I’m hardly ever sick, even with a common cold!

So even just taking 2 minutes a day to practice meditation, even just 1 minute starting out. You will gradually be able to add to that time as your mind gets used to relaxing. When you get distracted, and we all do, just concentrate on your breathing. This will get you centered. Thank you for reading. Have a blessed week ahead!

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