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Full Hunter’s Moon 10/24/18

Blessings and well wishes!

Tonight’s moon is the Full Hunter’s Moon. Get your bow and arrow ready for what you have been tracking since the last New Moon.

Now is the time to start letting go of any dependencies you may have on other people. You are all you need. There may be somethings around you that you’re being overly greedy about too. Your connection to nature and nurturing others is what you should be focusing on. Hold close to you the great strides you’ve made within yourself over these last few weeks. This rejuvenation will really help you towards your goals and help you to overcome some lack of confidence that’s coming your way. Your ego may get in the way causing some negative blow-back from those around you.

The energy that is around you right now is causing you to show courage and strength during this full moon. You have a strong influence on those that look to you for leadership so give direction when needed but also make your boundaries known and stand by them firmly! Think clearly with your heart right now and let those emotions flow but watch how you present yourself because everybody is watching. Like the full moon, take this time to suspend yourself and enjoy what really matters around you. Let go of all the things that hold you back from shining bright.

The lesson you should take away from this time is that you are surrounded by love and emotional security. Your intuition is impeccable and know that it is always better to show compassion. If you need time to yourself, take it. That balance you’ve been searching for is well within your sights. Steady yourself, take aim, and you’ll hit your mark!

Love and Light

Space Gypsy

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